Project Overview

Natu is an online ordering app for florist. Natu delivered beautiful bouquets and arrangements to you and the doorsteps of your loved ones.
Natu revolutionizes the way you gift flowers, addressing the challenges faced during the emotional journey of expressing love and care through blooms. This intuitive mobile app combines a seamless interface with purposeful features, ensuring an effortless flower-ordering experience for every occasion that matters.

Project Duration

September 2022 - December 2022


UI & UX designing and branding for Natu App from conception to delivery. 


User research, wireframing, prototype, usability testing, iteration, creation of the final high-fidelity prototype, and the visual system.

Problem Statement

Local florists are always busy and crowded, which means a lot of waiting time. For large amounts of orders, it’s not easy to track them. Users forget those important dates, and missed opportunities to send flowers as a gift.

Long Waits

Sometimes the local florists are crowded and have to wait for a long time.

can’t track orders

Difficulty in tracking orders, have to call or e-mail the florists.

forget important date

Forget important dates, and missed opportunities to send flowers as a gift.

Usability Study feedbacks

"I love the feature the app will remind me when the important date is coming, flowers are always the sweet gift."
"I wanna change flowers color in my cart if other color are available."

visual design

Natu transcends being merely an app; it's a catalyst for building deeper connections and nurturing relationships. Our clean and minimalistic interface is purposefully designed to simplify the flower ordering process while fostering meaningful connections through thoughtful gestures.