Product Design

Project Overview

While walking outdoors is something most people take for granted, blind people face unique challenges and safety concerns due to their visual impairment.
While various existing solutions assist blind individuals with outdoor walking, dynamic environments still present significant challenges for blind or visually impaired travelers. Recognizing this, the app aims to go beyond traditional assistance methods and offer a more comprehensive solution that specifically addresses random or unexpected situations.

Project Duration

July 2023 - September 2023


UX researching and designing this product for NavAid from conception to delivery. 

Problem Statement

Blind individuals face significant challenges and safety concerns when walking outdoors due to sudden obstacles, difficulty navigating unfamiliar areas, and limited traffic awareness. Current solutions fall short of providing effective support and real-time assistance, leaving blind individuals vulnerable to unexpected dangers and hindering their independent mobility. 

Design Purpose

Designing an advanced visual perception system with MR and AI that delivers crucial information, minimizing distractions and enhancing the overall outside walking experience for blind individuals.

Object Priority Purpose

The priority of object detection is essential for efficient processing and functionality. Determining the priority of object detection helps optimize the app's performance, responsiveness, and resource utilization.
Additionally, the app will deliver notifications based on the priority of detected objects. High-priority objects will trigger more urgent alerts and audio cues, while lower-priority objects may result in less intrusive or non-intrusive notifications, reducing the overall cognitive load on the user.